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5 Popular Wall Paint Colors For Your Indian Home

If you want to decorate the walls of your rooms, don’t feel limited to only using white or light neutral wall paint colors. You can experiment with a variety of colors. Almost any paint color can work in your homes if you have the right lighting and accessories to emphasize. Dark colors can add drama and architectural interest to a plain room. The dark shades give the living room a classy, intimate and luxurious appeal.

Here we have compiled a list of 5 most popular wall paint colors for your homes:

Gray Shade – If you’re looking for a new idea in terms of living room paint color, you can consider gray. It is a cool paint color with a modern look. If you have a small living room, a cloud-like gray wall color can make it look spacious.

Pink Shade – The pink color has a sweet and sober appeal that would be wonderful in any of the living rooms. Pink even works well in a dining room which is used frequently.

Blue Shade – Light blues are the most comforting and relaxing wall color for a master bedroom. You can easily choose a blue shade from the color scheme from us at Basak Interiors, a prospective interior decoration company in Kolkata. Dark shades of blue have also become very popular paint color for the living rooms lately. Indigos, navy and ink blues are modern options that easily add a royal touch to your space.

Purple Shade – You can opt for lovely light shades of purple which gives relaxed yet luxurious vibes.

Yellow Shade – Yellow is one of the best wall paint colors for a dining room. It’s a happy color signifying togetherness; a purpose meant to be served by a dining room as well. You can choose a subtle shade of yellow for your bedrooms which is cheerful and pleasing, and yet not too eye-catching.

The paint color for your home reflects your personality, preferences and the outcome you want. So, make sure your color matches you in every way. We at Basak Interiors, an interior designing company in Kolkata are always inclined to fulfill your every interior designing requirement.

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