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7 Bathroom Designs to Best Utilize Your Space

Bathrooms can be small in many apartments. Granted, they aren’t the center of attention when it comes to renovating, but with a proper budget and space-handling abilities, they can be remodeled into something better as well. Proper bathroom designs will help you to best utilize your space. We, at Basak Interiors – a bathroom design and decoration service provider in Kolkata – provide decoration services and designs to beautify your bathrooms!

7 Ways to design your bathroom

• A monochromatic color scheme is a necessity in any bathroom. You wouldn’t want to look around your bathroom’s walls and feel that you might be hallucinating different colors, would you?

• Keeping a few plants and flowers inside your bathroom will only enhance its beauty and fragrance. Stinky bathrooms are really not the need of the hour!

• Most people ignore the vertical space in bathrooms, but, at Bask Interiors, as famous interior designers in Kolkata, we advise our customers to use the vertical space. You can make vertical shelves to keep important bathroom accessories, thereby utilizing the space.

• A glass door that separates your main bathroom with the shower area always comes in handy. You may or may not add curtains, but those aren’t the most necessary.

• Adding hooks and bars in your bathroom is a necessity. You may want to put a wet towel or the dress that you’ll get out of, on the hook. If there isn’t a hook, those are going to get wet.

• A wall-mounted faucet will also help in maximizing the minimum space that your bathroom has to offer. You need not care about space constraint when your faucet is mounted on the wall.

• Get more storage space by building shelves on the bathroom wall, to keep all your additional requirements other than the necessities, unless you want to throw them out.

Do not hesitate to think big even if your bathroom is small. But, at the same time, you don’t want to pay a lot for your bathroom designs. An affordable interior designing company in Kolkata is what you’d need to completely renovate your bathroom under a low-budget. And under a low-budget, you will have to plan strategically to make the bathroom look the best despite being small.

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